The Wilkins in Spain

God has called our family to be church planting missionaries in the country of Spain. We are grateful for our sending church, Berean Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia where Dr. Danny Sweatt is Pastor. Our sending agency is Baptist World Mission located in Decatur, AL. We will be joining Andy and Mimi Bonikowsky, veteran missionaries in the Basque Region of Spain.

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September Prayer Letter

Friends, we have received word that our long-awaited NEV number, which records and recognizes me as a minister, to be exact "priest of other religions" within the country of Spain, has been received in Spain! This is a milestone for which we have been waiting! This is the two-thirds mark! Yes, our desire was to already be in Spain, but God is in control of details; in this, His timing is a demonstration of His will concerning our departure.

I will not try to explain everything about the burdensome visa process. At its mention it makes even the most interested person’s eyes glaze! I have found few subjects as boring, and I will not inflict you with it. Suffice it to say, we will document for our mission board the process we have experienced under Spain’s new laws put into effect January 1, 2004, for the benefit of those missionaries coming behind us. Our third and last phase of the visa process is about to start. When we receive the original document, we must carry it with a myriad of other documents to Spain’s Embassy office located in Miami.

We are often frustrated by the red tape and the will of others we must submit to, but can we see God’s Hand in the red tape? We should. We have come to realize it is not about our desire to be there. It is about trusting our God for every detail of our lives and allowing the most mundane and annoying things to be used by Him to mold us into a vessel unto honor, fit for His use and for His glory in everything!

"¿Habla español? No Señor, no hablo español." This may be true today, but Karen and I have begun private Spanish lessons! Our instructor is a delightful lady and superb teacher. We cannot tell you our joy when we met her for the first time and she asked us, "What kind of missionary are you?" When we responded, "Baptist," she exclaimed, "Lovely! Then will you mind if we begin and end each and every lesson in prayer?" Today she said she considers our working together a gift to her from God! Karen and I had said the very same thing to one another about her. Our goal is to become conversational by the end of our ten-week course. Please pray we will absorb mucho! Gracias, mi amigos!

The children are doing well in school and seem to love being in the classroom again. To be sure, their schools are a mission field. They must choose to live what they believe with opposition close by. Our family devotional focus has been on "exercising thyself unto godliness" and heart attitudes. Caleb has proclaimed truth during some class discussions. The latest was, "Why someone should fear hell more than contracting cancer?" There is no denying that they are often faced with open sin. We pray for them every day and covet your prayers as well.

Good experience is a superb teacher! Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia, our sending church, has been our training ground for many years and is now launching a Hispanic ministry. What an excellent opportunity to use our Spanish and hear it spoken. We are grateful for a chance to serve here for the last few weeks or months we are in the country. Two individuals have already been saved and seven attended services. Please pray this ministry will reach many more with the Gospel and meet the spiritual needs of the Hispanic in our community.

Many of you have generously given to our "Outfitting and Passage" fund. Thank you so much. We now stand at 91% of our needed goal!

ONLY $3,602 TO GO!

* For God Who is Spirit, Infinite, Eternal, Unchangeable and in control.
* For a wonderful start to school for the children and many unsaved friends and parents we have met.
* For the many birthday wishes for Randy, Hillary, Caroline, and Karen.
* For every gift to our Outfitting and Passage Fund.
* For your dear and faithful prayers, support, and encouragement.
* The arrival of our residency visas.
* The salvation of our unsaved families.
* The sale of our house, cars and final possessions.
* The Hispanic ministry and our growth through it.
* Our progress in language study.


I've created this blog for my friends, the Wilkins, so they can publish an Internet diary of their experiences in the country of Spain. I am excited about seeing what the Lord has in store for their ministry. I trust these pages will chronicle some wonderful stories of God's goodness and power in a country in such great need of the Gospel.

God bless each of you -- I'll be in constant prayer for you.

Dennis Robbins