The Wilkins in Spain

God has called our family to be church planting missionaries in the country of Spain. We are grateful for our sending church, Berean Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia where Dr. Danny Sweatt is Pastor. Our sending agency is Baptist World Mission located in Decatur, AL. We will be joining Andy and Mimi Bonikowsky, veteran missionaries in the Basque Region of Spain.

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Location: Spain


November Prayer Letter

Aierdi Camp & Conference Center
So much is happening at the Aierdi Camp & Conference Center located in the heart of the Basque Region. The first issue of The VOICE of Aierdi, a newsletter designed to inform God’s people of the blessings of the Aierdi ministries, was mailed this week. The VOICE will keep you up to date on the construction progress at the center and tell about how God is leading and providing. It will share happenings like Bible institutes, retreats, and upcoming projects. The VOICE is designed to challenge people to live a life of faith in Jehovah God. We hope you will enjoy reading the VOICE and catch a glimpse of the vision God has for this spiritual oasis in the Basque country of Spain.

Aierdi will host its first Missionary teen retreat, December 1-4, with special speaker Paul Whitt, youth pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia. The retreat is designed to encourage, challenge, and instruct missionary teens in Spain and France on some of the special privileges and hardships they face living in two cultures. Please pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the youth and the leadership as they seek to minister in the first-ever Aierdi MT Retreat.

This week another chapter of faith was written in the Aierdi story as God provided the much-needed windows to keep out the dust, wind, snow, and other elements. We were praying for $8K, but as time passed, no money had arrived to cover them. Brother Carlos and his wife, Analia, arrived with the windows insisting they be installed and could be paid for at a later date. After returning home, they called back to tell Andy, the Aierdi director, that the windows had been their offering to God. He said his business is not really his, but belongs to God! So there goes another chapter of faith in God to the glory of God through the beautiful story of Aierdi! Hallelujah!

Answered Prayer -- Visas Ready!
They are waiting for us at the Embassy in Miami. Thank you for praying through the visa process with us. Today we have the fruit - our approval! This chapter is almost over, and our departure is scheduled for December 30. We will arrive just in time for a New Year’s Day 2005 celebration with other Baptist World Mission families in Madrid. The children will begin school on January 10.

A Place to Live
One of our co-workers in Madrid is seeking an apartment for us to rent. Another brother from our home church has agreed to travel with me the first week of December to help make ready the apartment for the rest of the family. We will have to purchase and install lighting, appliances, beds, and other household items until our container arrives near late January. Please continue to pray with us as we transition to Spain. We know that God has a specific home for us near those families in whom He has been working, His desire, and ours, is that we reach them with the Gospel while continuing with our language studies.
Praising God
* For His Word that is forever settled in heaven, living, true, and worthy of our trust and devotion.
* For answered prayer in the approval of our visas.
* For every gift to our Outfitting and Passage Fund.
* For your faithfulness, support, and encouragement.

Asking God
* For our continued spiritual growth in His Word and conformity to the likeness of Christ.
* The salvation of our unsaved families.
* The sale of our house, cars, and final possessions.
* Wisdom in the shipping and packing process.
* Our progress in language study.
* Growth in the Hispanic ministry at our sending church, Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia.